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Dispute Resolution & Enforcement

Phoenix Law has extensive experience in Vietnam in resolving disputes and dealing with intellectual property rights violations.

We coordinate with competent authorities to take measures against infringements of intellectual property rights, including inventions, utility solutions, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights and related rights, geographical indications, etc. to ensure rights Customer's intellectual property is protected in accordance with their market objectives and strategies.

Our services include:

1. Advice and represent clients in disputes and complaints related to the establishment of intellectual property rights, including:

• Complaints about decisions on refusal to grant diplomas protection of intellectual property objects;

• Objection to applications for industrial property object protection titles;

• Oppose decisions to grant protection titles by competent state agencies.

2. Advise and represent clients in the enforcement of intellectual property rights, including:

• Requesting a competent authority to appraise and conclude on violations of intellectual property objects;

• Requesting the violator to stop the infringing act;

• Requesting authorities to handle violations;

• Participating in legal proceedings as a lawyer to protect customers' rights and interests related to intellectual property at the Court.

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