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We provide legal advice on establishment, restructuring, merger, merger, dissolution / bankruptcy of businesses

We will accompany customers from the formation of ideas until the business goes. come into operation with the most favorable conditions in accordance with the current laws of Vietnam

Our main services include:

  • Consulting and supporting the establishment of domestic or foreign-invested enterprises in Vietnam; advising on the type of enterprise, the method of capital contribution, the name of the enterprise, business lines and conditions for enjoying incentives for its operations; consulting and drafting charter, joint venture contract, internal regulations in the enterprise; conducting operation registration, applying for sub-licenses, making stamps, applying for tax codes to enterprises.
  • Consulting and supporting businesses to open branches and representative offices; applying for product barcode, pharmaceutical registration, announcing product quality ...
  • Consulting and supporting the establishment of Vietnamese-owned enterprises in foreign countries as well as opening branches and representative offices of Vietnamese enterprises Male in a foreign country.
  • Consulting and supporting businesses in implementing production and business activities; representing businesses to negotiate and sign contracts with partners;
  • Representing and protecting the interests of businesses in the process of resolving disputes arising from production and business activities of enterprises.
  • Providing legal services related to corporate restructuring, from changing the structure of capital contribution, capital contribution, division and separation of members to conversion of business type.
  • Providing legal services related to the acquisition and merger (M&A) of enterprises; looking for M&A partners, valuing businesses, verifying the due diligence, drafting and signing M&A contracts, resolving disputes arising from contract performance, including including finance, accounting, labor and business management.
  • Providing legal services related to business termination in the form of dissolution or bankruptcy.
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